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Hello and welcome to "The Merry Nutfarm"
We are a tree nursery specialising in a range of named Hazelnut varieties as well as many other nursery trees suitable for commercial landscaping in water deprived environments.

We use goats and sheep rather than herbicides to keep the weeds under control, and consider our nuts to be grown in an organic environment.

Nut trees

Nut trees are not just for the orchardist, but are now gaining popularity with the public due to the renewed interest in "grow your own" food gardens.
We have seen many hazelnut trees purchased for backyard gardens in the suburbs and community garden projects in the city. This is creating more demand for mature trees, in the $50 to $100+ price range, as opposed to the $8-$10 whips generally required for commercial nutgroves. In these smaller garden settings Hazlenut trees can be planted out to also provide an effective hedge.

To accomodate this market we will be potting a number of the mature trees, so they can be sold outside of the Winter bare rooted months. Mature trees are also available over Winter bare rooted as usual.
We are seeing a lot of interest in Chestnut trees as deciduous trees are seen to be more fire hardy than most natives. Chestnut trees are particulary useful in this respect.

















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