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Tree nursery and Hazelnut Grove


April 2010: We are diversifying into growing a range of other nut trees and now have more mature hazelnut trees in 25 -75 litre bags, drop us a line for a pricelist.

June 2010: We still have stock of several thousand Hazelnut trees that could be bare rooted for delivery this year. Contact us immediately to reserve stock. Suitable for establishing a Hazelnut grove, or innoculation with Truffle spores.

April 2011: Due to the weather and cockatoos it was a bad year for hazelnuts, but the chestnuts have done well. We have U-pick chestnuts available until mid May, and will be around all Easter for sales at the farm gate.

Some of the Hazelnut trees in our nursery are getting on in years, so this year we will be bare rooting some 5-6+ year old trees for those who want their own nuts sooner. This will be cheaper than buying the bagged trees whicjh we sell all year round.


We might have a nut festival in March or April 2012, watch this space


April/May 2011: We have a great crop of Chestnuts this year and will be open over the Easter holiday period.

Tree sale

Winter 2011: Winter is not far off, and so is our supply of bare rooted Hazelnut and chestnut trees. We have young trees suitable for nutgrove planting and more mature trees for landscaping, permaculture, or other small planting. The older trees already produce nuts! If you want trees please contact us immediately as the window for bare rooting is only a few months. This year we will be also moving some of the more mature trees (3-5 year) to pots for sale throughout the year.












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